Smart Tips for Traveling with Kids in Short Term Rentals

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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and book a short-term rental for your upcoming family vacation. Congratulations! Short-term rentals are great because they offer amenities like full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and living rooms—all of which can add up to an amazing vacation experience. But if you’re traveling with kids, there’s a few things you should know to make sure everyone has a good time. Read on for some smart tips for traveling with kids in short term rentals.

Do Your Research Before You Book
If you’re traveling with kids, it’s important to do your research beforehand so that you can make sure the rental is age appropriate. Look at photos and read reviews carefully; look out for clues as to whether the space is safe and kid friendly. Ask questions about safety features like stair gates and pool fencing if applicable; these should have been mentioned in the listing or in reviews from other families who’ve stayed there previously.

Bring Your Own Supplies
Short-term rentals are great because they often come equipped with all the cookware, dishes, utensils, and even linens that you need during your stay. But when traveling with kids, it pays to bring along extra supplies—especially food-related ones like paper plates or plastic cups that can help minimize messes (especially helpful when eating outdoors). If your rental comes equipped with a washer/dryer, bring along detergent too so you can keep on top of laundry while away from home.

Take Advantage of Amenities
When traveling with little ones, amenities like pools and playgrounds can turn a stressful situation into a fun family activity. Many short-term rentals come with these types of amenities included – take advantage of them! Not only will they keep the kids entertained while mom and dad relax, but they also provide a great opportunity for quality family time outdoors. Who knows? Maybe even grandma and grandpa will join in on the fun!


Plan Ahead & Make Time For Fun
When traveling with kids, it pays to plan ahead so that everyone knows what to expect throughout the trip. Try creating an itinerary of activities that everyone can agree on ahead of time; this will help avoid any arguments while away from home (or tantrums!). Make sure that each day includes some down time where everyone can relax before bedtime too; this will help ensure good rest during the trip which will make life much easier overall! And last but not least – don't forget plenty of fun activities! Take advantage of nearby parks or turn up the music and have a dance party inside your rental - whatever works best for your family!

Take Advantage Of The Space
Short-term rentals are great because they often offer more space than hotels—which is perfect when traveling with kids! Take advantage of this extra room by setting up designated play areas or an activity station so that each child has their own place to enjoy themselves without getting in each other’s way. This will also help keep them occupied when everyone else wants to relax after a long day out exploring.


Planning ahead is key when taking a family vacation in a short term rental – but don't forget about having fun! Do research before booking and bring extra supplies just in case; then plan out some activities everyone agrees on (including some downtime!) This way everyone ends up happy – both parents and kiddos alike – making it an unforgettable vacation for all involved! Happy travels!